Japan To Provide $5mn To Promote Quality Education In Bangladesh

Japan will grant five million USD to Bangladesh to support quality schooling in Bangladesh, with a view to reduce poverty and empower children born into poor families.

In this regard there was an Exchange of Notes and Grant Agreement regarding the "Japanese Grant Aid to the Fourth Primary Education Development Programme (PEDP4)" was signed in Dhaka on Monday (Oct 25) by the Ambassador from Japan to Bangladesh Ito Naoki, Secretary of the Economic Relations Division Ms. Fatima Yasmin, and Chief Representative of the JICA Bangladesh Office HAYAKAWA Yuho.

At the ceremony of signing at the ceremony, Ambassador Ito declared that Japan has made constant efforts to encourage quality schooling throughout Bangladesh since the time it was first established. The Ambassador said that higher education is crucial, however, for the advancement of Bangladesh it is vital to expand cooperation at every stage of education.

"Above all education, it is the only means for children of poor families to escape poverty and become empowered. Japan will continue its steadfast participation in primary education."

In reply to this, the ERD Secretary stated that Japan's cooperation encompasses all kinds of areas that range from infrastructure to education.

"Education particularly, is an investment in the future." Japan is always ready to work with us and offer assistance in the development of Bangladesh. We are extremely thankful to Japan. The primary education system is a chance to identify young people who are internationally competitive. Without an education system that is adequate, a country can't develop.I am hoping to request for Japan's continued support in the area of primary education." she said.

PEDP is a prestigious national development strategy program that supports the primary school in Bangladesh as stated by the Embassy of Japan in a press announcement.

Japan has been in support of PEDP as well as others development partners from in the Sector Wide Approaches (SWAPs). PEDP4 was launched in 2018 with the aim of achieving three high-level outcomes related to education quality.
Japan has been focusing on making improvements to their "quality" of the primary school in Bangladesh specifically in how to improve the "learning" of lessons for children.

As JICA's project for technical cooperation provides technical inputs to improving the quality of textbooks, the curriculum and teaching materials and assisting in the improvement of teacher education in Bangladesh, Japanese policy advisor assists and advises on the PEDP4 as well as educational policies. Particularly, Japan intends to support the education of mathematics and science which is where Japan is able to offer a competitive advantages over the other donor.

In the realm in education, the strategy of SWAPs comprised with the Bangladesh government as well as the development partner has been formulated as well as Japan continues to offer an effective assistance through collaboration among all stakeholders.

Japan will also assist in the improvement in education quality in technical and further education taking into consideration the reforms to the industrial structure in Bangladesh.

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